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The Rant: Genetic predisposition

November 4, 2015 Eric McKeegan 0

Originally published in Issue #182 Some people claim there is a “wheelie gene” and either you are born with the innate balance needed to wheelie or you are doomed to a life of dull, two-wheels-on-the-ground

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The Rant: Where goest thou, gnar?

October 7, 2015 Eric McKeegan 0

From Issue #186 The axiom we hear is this: If we can make enough easy-to-ride trails, more people will ride mountain bikes, which will mean more trails and more access for everyone. My favorite trails

First Impression

Crystal Ball: Bike trends to watch

September 29, 2015 Dirt Rag Magazine 0

It always takes a while to recover from the Interbike trade show but, once we did, three of us who oversee Dirt Rag sat down to discuss trends we saw at the show, what we’re excited

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Opinion: The State of Singlespeeds

June 15, 2015 Eric McKeegan 0

Editor’s note: This piece originally appeared in Issue #185 but due to a printing gremlin, the final few lines were cut off. It is reprinted here in its entirety. To read the reviews of the

Just Riding Along

Riding in the snow, the modern mud

February 11, 2015 Dirt Rag Contributor 0

By Harlan Price Snow riding today is all that’s left of the version of the chaotic two-wheel drifting we regularly did before trail stewards were abundant. Fortunately, some time riding the white-capped seas will benefit

Bike Industry News

What Does The Future Hold For Fox?

December 10, 2014 Dirt Rag Contributor 0

Last week’s news of Fox Factory Holding Corp. buying Canadian companies Race Face Components and Easton Cycling for a cool $30.2 million should be raising more than an eyebrow in the fiercely competitive world of


Trail Talk With Cush

December 9, 2014 Mike Cushionbury 0

Tired Last week the symptoms came out of nowhere about two-thirds through a road ride. At just under 60 miles it wasn’t particularly long but the route was peppered most of the way with short,


Trail Talk With Cush

December 2, 2014 Mike Cushionbury 0

“Oh Shit!” That’s all I heard as I rolled past the young walker on the gravel towpath aboard my Borealis Echo fat bike tester. I was riding said path as part of a pre-run for the