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Video: ‘Danny MacAskill – Epecuén’

May 29, 2014 Dirt Rag Contributor 0

Courtesy of Red Bull Following on from 2013’s mind-blowing ‘MacAskill’s Imaginate’, Epecuén is the latest film from Danny MacAskill. Directed by long time collaborator Dave Sowerby, will see Danny take his riding back to the

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Danny MacAskill’s ‘Imaginate’ riding film is here

June 18, 2013 Adam Newman 0

After exploding into internet stardom with his short riding films "Inspired" and "Way Back Home", Scottish trials rider Danny MacAskill’s latest work needed to top them all. Partnering again with Red Bull and Inspired Bicycles, MacAskill opened his sketchbook to revive all the ideas that had been bouncing around inside his head for years. 

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Danny MacAskill teases new film project

April 3, 2013 Dirt Rag Magazine 0

Danny MacAskill is back with a new project, Imaginate, in which he seeks to push the limits of his sport even further than he has previously.

Sometimes being told you can do whatever you want can be more intimidating than being held back and it’s the sign of a true champion to be able to grasp their dreams and make them come to life.

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Trials, for the rest of us.

November 18, 2010 Josh Patterson 0

It’s a safe bet that every time Danny MacAskill comes out with a new video it’s only a matter of hours before it goes viral, clogging the interweb and your social media feeds. And for good reason, Danny’s got skills.