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Manic Mechanic – Crank compatibility and reverse threads

September 1, 2011 Dirt Rag Magazine 0

Sticker Shock

I have acquired a used Shimano XT770 crankset. The big ring is trashed and I am going into sticker shock at Shimano’s replacement prices. Anyone have luck with other brands i.e., Blackspire, FSA, Race Face for this particular model? I have a hard time throwing down $60-$100 for a chainring.

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Homegrown – Lenz Sport

August 25, 2011 Dirt Rag Magazine 0

Matt Weatherbee, photos by Theodore Barrett Van Orman

Devin Lenz has been building performance mountain bikes under the Lenz Sport name since 1997. Lenz Sport bicycles are all hand-crafted by Devin in his warehouse, adjacent to his home in Fort Lupton, Colorado.

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Catching up with Marla Streb

August 11, 2011 Karen Brooks 0

By Karen Brooks

Marla Streb is a legend. If you don’t know this, you’ve been riding recumbents, or not riding at all. Seriously, she was a dominant force in the downhill scene in the ‘00s (with a couple of Single Speed World Championship titles thrown in), and has a captivating personality. Now, Streb is focusing on family and managing her former race team.

How did you transition from racer to team management?

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Inside Line

XTR media camp part 2: Rider tuned

September 4, 2010 Adam Newman 0

You can read part 1 of Maurice’s review of the new XTR components here.

We talked about Shimano Dyna-Sys in our last installment. Next news from the XTR camp is that the component group is now “Rider Tuned” for your pleasure.

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Riding without sunscreen

September 4, 2010 Adam Newman 0

By Andy Beach

It’s the middle of the week. The living’s easy because I’m riding hard with my crew, dubbed “Pelotronix.” We’re devouring some of the best trail on the San Francisco Bay Area mountain biking menu. Even tastier is the fact that we dine alone, having not seen a single rider since wheels went down—and we won’t for the rest of the ride, guaranteed. It’s just us and the woodland creatures because the Sun is not among the stars shining above. It’s around 10 p.m.

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What about Trials?

April 3, 2010 Dirt Rag Magazine 0

Observed trials, once a popular sport in the USA, has gone into hiding. A cycling event that became a UCI world championship event in 1984 (six years before mountain biking), has disappeared from the collective radar of mount

By Nikolai A. Braun