34th Annual Pearl Pass Tour to Aspen

Back in 1976, when a bunch of rowdies from Crested Butte decided to pedal and push their one-speed klunkers over the 12,705-foot Pearl Pass and on into Aspen, they had no idea what they were beginning. 

Legend has it that a group of boisterous motorcycle riders brought their machines over the pass and into Crested Butte that summer. But the locals weren’t impressed. In an effort of one-up-manship, they rode their simple townie bikes up and over and into Aspen in a two-day event capped by a wild party at Cumberland Basin. 

A generation later, the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame is still hosting rides over the famed 39-mile pass. This year it happens September 11, starting at the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum at 8:30 a.m. And just like the first ride, it’s free of charge. 

For more, visit the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

Photo courtesy of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.