Amazing stop-motion film by Binary

Check out this amazing stop-motion video by Binary

"Take three parts equal love for shooting photos, editing video, and riding bikes. Next toss in that nagging impulse to do something different, even if it requires hours of torturous work, and this video is what you get.

In case your eyes deceive you, this is a stop-motion video. Every frame of the video is a photograph, the rider and the bike laying posed on a concrete floor. The ground and trees were later drawn on each photo with a digital pen.

Weeks of planning, thirty-five hours of photography totaling 1,000 pictures, followed by 50 long hours at the computer editing photos, audio, and video. 10,000 minutes of combined work for a two minute video? All worth it if it puts a smile on your face and sparks some creativity in your mind. Thanks for watching."

Check out the behind-the-scenes feature on their blog, where you can see how each shot was painstakingly set up frame by frame. Talk about a passion for your work!