Bell introduces most affordable MIPS helmet yet

It’s not a good idea to cut corners when it comes to safety, but it can be tough to decide how nice a helmet you really “need.” Bell hopes to make choosing a bit easier with the introduction of the $90 Event XC, the most affordable helmet in its lineup with the MIPS safety system.


If you’re not familiar, MIPS is a layer inside the foam (the yellow part) that floats between your head and the helmet. Because most impacts between your helmet and the ground are at an angle rather than directly on, it allows your head to rotate slightly inside the helmet, absorbing some of the motion that would otherwise be transferred directly to your brain.


The Event XC also features the TAG adjustable fit system, has plenty of ventilation and has an adjustable visor. It comes in all-black or black/white in three sizes.

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Looking for something a little different? There is also the Stoker model with MIPS for just $95.