Blog: InterBike 2007

Well it’s that time of year again and the Dirt Rag staff is in Las Vegas preparing to bring all the excitement of InterBike to a computer screen near you. Fighting through the jetlag, lost cab drivers and the slots parlors it is 7:30 on Tuesday morning and the adventures have begun.

On Monday, we spent the better part of the day at the outdoor Dirt Demo scoping out new bikes and parts and being surprised by some and disappointed by others (more on those later). It’s always interesting to ride a variety of machines back-to-back on the same trail to get a feel for them and to line up what will be in the magazine in the near future. Each day we will have a variety of photos so check out the gallery, and if there is something specific YOU want to see leave a comment to this blog and we’ll try to fill your request. This is your forum!


Yesterday, we also managed to run the van out of gas and performed a death defying dismount from the rolling vehicle in eight lanes of heavy traffic to push the big V-8 through the intersection and into the nearest gas station. Maurice likes to make sure we aren’t filling up 1/4 tanks and wasting time at the pump. We also succeeded in commandeering a cart (the Dirt Bag way) to unload the van at the convention center and save some cash on freight charges. The booth went up with relative ease and we are ready to take over the world, as soon as the coffee kicks in.


Until then we’ll just disrupt life via the web at camp Dirt Rag and continue with our disguises.  Eric has already been posing as a Japanese tourist with his thrift store pajamas and Carol’s cooking breakfast. Over and out. –Shannon Mominee.