Brain Fart: In Sickness, and In Las Vegas

Well, its time for me to pump out a Brain Fart, and unfortunately there are only few things on which I’m currently able to focus. So, I’m going to bore you with those. Right now I’m getting ready for Interbike, and rejoicing in the fact that I’m slowly coming back up to speed from having a nasty bout with something resembling the Flu.

As much as a I promise myself not to, I always end up taking my health for granted. Only when I’m injured, or sick, do I realize just how lucky I am to be a young, healthy individual. I had plenty of time to think about all of this over a full five days spent wallowing in my own achy misery on the couch with 102 deg. plus temps, feeling like this:


Having the Flu sucks, take your vitamin C kids.

Being sick the week before Interbike is certainly far from ideal, seeing just how draining and exhausting the whole experience can be. Interbike is  pretty hectic for all involved, particularly with the devilish influences of Las Vegas. Though it will certainly be fun to visit with everyone, check out new products, and ride some bikes in the desert. Keep an eye on the Dirt Rag website for daily Show coverage.

And finally, in an attempt to bring down the lame-factor of this Brain Fart, I’ll throw in some random and entirely unrelated photos.  Click if you want to see ’em bigger. Enjoy.



See the ground hog below?

Blue Sky

Doves, doing dove things:


And, a knarly old fencerow and lonely tree: