BrainBlog: Passing on the Reminder

When I was emailed a few days ago to be reminded that it was my turn for a blog entry, the first thing that came to my mind was “Man not this week. I’ve got no words left”. This deadline has been draining on not only me, but I think on the entire Dirt Rag staff. We have a lot going on here with editorial content, events, and random traveling, plus InterBike 2008 is fast approaching. Not to mention summer is speeding toward its end.

So, with this entry due I’ve been trying to think of what to write about. An easy pick would be the madness I witnessed on television last night. I thought my controller was broken when all five stations my rabbit ears picked up had fools chanting “Drill, baby drill”. I could also have written about Interbike, but I’ll soon be submerged in that. Best to leave it for later. Then I thought about issue #138 that I’ve been proof reading for the last two days. (Don’t worry. You’ll have it soon). There’s a letter in their from a reader reminding us to enjoy the good days while they are here.


I guess I thought about that last night too as I rode home from work. I stood in my kitchen thinking about all the stuff that I had left to paint outside, before the weather turns cold. I was kind of panic stricken. But, after a brief phone conversation with my friend, Jerry, it became clear to me that everything I had to do around the house could wait. Next thing I knew, I was stuffing some blinky lights into my CamelBak, buckling my shoes, and rounding the corner on my mountain bike while eating a banana.

15-minutes later, I was on single track and enjoying two-hours on the bike with a couple of friends. And why not stop at D’s for a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and a Chicago style dog. Plus, I saw some more people there that I haven’t seen in a while, laughed, and had a good time. The four-hours that went by was time really well spent and traversing a stretch of single track in the dark with a blinky light was an adventure in itself. I arrived home just in time to fill a dish with ice cream and witness the fools I mentioned earlier.

Today, I’m feeling the same way and decided that I needed to walk in the woods and step away from the computer for a moment to see what came to mind. Not that I can afford to blow off all my responsibilities, but it is important to take a step back and enjoy life. This is it.  One chance. One time. I don’t want to tread on the letter that was sent to Dirt Rag, the one you’ll soon be reading, but thanks for the reminder and the photos that were sent in.


About that walk in the woods. Luckily my dog, Roman, came to work with me today and accompanied me into the woods. Here are a few photos of him doing his thing. Chewing on a stick, looking for deer to chase, hunting bees, and just being a happy dog. The sun is shinning, I feel better, and can’t wait to get home and do nothing. Now quit staring at the computer and get outside and enjoy the good days while you can. –Shannon Mominee.