Cannondale Pledges $200,000 to Bikes Belong

Cannondale Sports Group President and CEO Jeff Frehner has pledged an additional $200,000 to support Bikes Belong and its mission to get more people riding bicycles more often. This contribution will be an annual donation of up to $200,000—in addition to membership dues—that will begin in July 2008.

“We are very grateful for this additional donation from Cannondale Sports Group, which will be managed by our Bikes Belong Foundation,” said Tim Blumenthal, Bikes Belong Executive Director. “It will fund two innovative, timely projects.”

A total of $125,000 will help Bikes Belong work with its national non-profit partners to enhance the crucial efforts of state and city bicycle advocacy groups. The remaining $75,000 will back a new Bicycle Facility Design Standards Project that will help professional transportation planners and engineers build seamless, convenient, and appealing cycling routes.

“It is important for us to support programs that are helping to make bicycling a bigger part of our daily lives,” said Cannondale Sports Group President and CEO Jeff Frehner. “When we work with and contribute to organizations like Bikes Belong and their partners, we are helping to make the cycling environment better for all bicycle riders.”