Car makers should stick to making cars


Hanging out in the Lexus booth at the Tokyo Motor Show was this concept bike dubbed the NXB, for “Neo Xtreme Bike”. Oh my.

The  Y-shaped frame looks like a relic from the 90’s (where it should have stayed) but the construction is fairly high-tech, being built from Lexus’ carbon-fiber loom that was previously used to build the Lexus LFA supercar.

Some of the parts are decidedly “normal” for a mountian bike: SRAM XX-1 drivetrain, Magura brakes. Others are customized for the build: IRC tires, Xentis wheels. While others like the shockingly dangerous looking aero handlebar extensions and clip-on mounts are purely one-offs. I’m not sure what kind of mountains you’d ride with those…

Anyway, it seems when car makers put their names on bikes they are usually re-badged BSO’s (bicycle-shaped objects, from big-box stores) or crazy-expensive and bizarre prototypes. Do you have a favorite you’ve seen?

Via Gizmag.