Confirmed: The Prez shreds

The Hoya, Georgetown University’s student newspaper, has a nice interview with Santiago Gonzalez — President Bush’s bike mechanic. And although “Pinkey” has never actually ridden with the Prez (there’s a little unpleasant business having to do with Pinkey’s immigration status), he assures the Good People of the United States:

My partner has gone with him for a few rides. Some have the misconception the president ‘yeah, he rides.’ He rides hard, he’s an avid cyclist; he likes the good stuff — very serious. He rides very, very hard on the bike.

Gonzalez is co-owner of Revolution Bicycles, a small chain in the Washington D.C. area, that has also handled repairs and special orders for John Kerry and Bill Clinton.

And even though I can be pretty ornery about politics myself, I guess I have to say I like my bike shops to be nonpartisan. Or at least, you know, bilateral.