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Rambling along. Photo by Mattias Fredriksson.



The Dirt and Readings

Tech Editor Eric McKeegan rants in defense of spoiled bicycle-media types, check out some amazing images from the famous Duryea Downhill road gap as well as CruzFest—the first time this European-based, invite only series came to America. Plus, a thank you to all who attended this year’s awesome Dirt Rag Dirt Fest presented by Pivot Cycles.




Matrix: Take The Red Pill, by Jay Goodrich

Using inspiration from “The Matrix”, a sci-fi movie ahead of its time, the author realized how many scenes were relatable to photography, and to his style of contrasting and graphically oriented photography in particular. This unique photo feature meshes quotes from the movie and images of mountain biking as fuel to get out, be inspired, attempt an air you have feared, or chase down the person of your dreams.



Out Of The Comfort Zone: Lost And Tired In Bolivia, by Matt McFee

In this story, the author sets off on the cycling trip of a lifetime. Unfortunately not all things go as planned and in the face of failure while lost, tired and alone in a foreign land comes new sources of inspiration and realization that it is indeed still the trip of a lifetime.



The Crack Of Noon Club, by Devon Balet

“As the days passed, I would begin to embrace and even enjoy our slow-moving nature. Awakening in a small hut to the scent of fresh, hot coffee and bacon each day was an experience fit for a king. Over the next six days of riding from Telluride to Moab, we would never get on the trail before 11 a.m. Most days it would be after noon. Then it hit me: We were the Crack of Noon Club, and I liked it.”



Transitions: A History Of Raystown Lake, by Frank Maguire

After suffering a near fatal brain hemorrhage, Evan Gross became the heart and soul of the famous Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake. Read this remarkable story of inspiration and unlikely success.



STUFF – Product Testing

  • An essay on The State Of Singlespeeding
  • Trek Superfly SS
  • REEB Dikyelous singlespeed
  • Turner King Khan
  • The Clash: Shimano XTR M9000 Trail vs. Shimano Deore 2x
  • And a lot more.

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