Dirt Rag Office Commute: 2009 Totals

Each year the Dirt Rag/Bicycle Times staff has a friendly intra-office competition and we (try to) keep track of when we ride to work. A simple grid representing the days of the week listed vertically, and our names written horizontally, is as high-tech as we get. As usual, the staff tallied some strong commuting numbers in 2009.

The staff accumulated a combined 470.5 days commuted by bicycle, covering a grand total of 8848.5 miles. That’s a strong number, considering we live between 6 and 42 hilly round trip miles from HQ. I was curious to know what that total mileage represented, and a quick search of the Internet revealed that our mileage is equal to a round trip flight from Pittsburgh to Poland.

Dirt Rag Office Commute: 2009 Totals

We are proud of our accomplishment, but we were off pace from the two previous years and hope to regain the lost days in 2010. Simply forgetting to mark an “X” on the grid to tally a “commuted day” is a big portion of our lower number.

Karen cleanly took home the gold with 140.5 commuting days covering 3512.5 miles. Hooray for Karen!

Matt had the second most mileage, 1560, with 78 days on the saddle.

Shannon had the second most days at 92 with 1288 miles.

And Justin finished with an even 60 days and 960 miles.

The remaining staff stats:
Eric 56 days 784 miles
Maurice 18 days 252 miles
Amanda 12 days 72 miles
Andy 10.5 days 273 miles
Andrew 3.5 days 147 miles

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