Dirt Rag visits the Yeti Bikes offices in Golden, Colo.

By Matt Kasprzyk

Yeti has come along way since the late ’80s and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. I recently had the chance to visit their headquarters in Golden, Colo., and meet the crew responsible for its success. 

The offices are nestled in an unassuming corporate plaza. There isn’t much to give away the location other than several turquoise team and demo trucks in the parking lot. Inside it’s evident there are some passionate cyclists at work and play. Amongst the foosball table and historic bikes there’s a smattering of staff rides and gear. The current digs felt strangely familiar. It looks and feels like a bike company has been housed there for a decade—almost like the Dirt Rag HQ.


We showed up just in time for the daily lunch ride. Fresh off my flight I was welcomed with smiles, a demo bike and just enough time to get kitted up while hoping this wasn’t going to hurt too bad. Yeti didn’t send us on our way with just a guide or two—most of the staff came along, and that’s pretty typical. With some great single track a minute or two from the front door, I imagine it’s hard not to ride most days.

After our ride, Chris Conroy, president of Yeti, along with staffers Dave and Nate, treated us to lunch. We talked a lot about the legacy of Yeti and some things they were excited about for 2013. The Big Mountain Enduro Series and enduro racing in general were hot topics. Everyone agreed that the format has been great for the industry and we’d like to see more of it. Yeti specifically has some great product coming down the pike that it think will be huge for them, but I can’t give you any details. If you think 2012 was a big year, keep an eye out for the turquoise during 2013.

We finished our burritos and tacos and headed back to the office. Chris took me across the street to check out the new office space that the group is excited to be moving into. It’s in the same corporate development, but a much larger space with a custom build-out. The results are offices and workspaces that will be uniquely Yeti. There are plans for a showroom and lobby displaying some of the brand’s legacy, as well as a bar. So if you’re ever in Golden, Colo., stop by the new Yeti HQ. You might be in time for a lunch ride, or a game of foosball and pint.

Frames ready for assembly.


Although production frames are made overseas, Yeti is capable of building prototypes in-house. This allows the staff or team riders to thoroughly test and critique concepts efficiently.


If you’ve ever demoed a Yeti, the trailer has left this lot, and chances are that bike came from this garage.