Domahidy Designs is now Viral Bikes

Domahidy Designs, the Colorado-based bicycle company launched two years ago by Niner Bikes co-founder Steve Domahidy, has been re-branded as Viral Bikes.


“The realization came hard and fast that Domahidy Designs was not working as a brand name. Of course, I believed in Domahidy Designs, but I was also obviously too close to really get that the name was limiting the brand’s potential,” said Domahidy. “Something about Viral spoke to me. I liked that it was short and easy to remember. I liked the way it looked and I liked the idea that now, behind a new identity, this new bike line could truly go Viral.”

Viral’s sole model is the Skeptic, the Pinion-gearbox powered titanium hardtail with plus-size wheels and up to a 140 mm fork that we showed you a few months ago.  Now, the bike has a name and either a screaming-pink or chocolaty-brown paint job, plus a five-year warranty on the Pinion and a lifetime warranty on the frame.

The company is offering 40-60 percent off remaining stock of its existing Domahidy Designs models, which will still come with lifetime frame warranties.