Domahidy Designs launches new steel hardtails

Domahidy steel complete 

Steve Domahidy left Niner a few years ago and has been working with a few other industry brand to launch bikes, but always in the back of his mind was a titanium hardtail that was prototyped in 2007 but never produced at Niner.

That is about to change with the launch of Domahidy Designs. The new company is starting with two hardtails, the aforementioned Ti bike, and a Reynolds 853 steel model. Both bikes us lots of modern standards, including tapered headtubes, 142×12 belt-drive compatible sliding drop-outs, and removable cable stops for a clean look when not running gears.

Domahidy Steel singlespeed

Geometry is a blend of old and new, with long top-tubes mated to a steep head-angle and average chainstay lengths. If you are a fan of fast-and-furious handling, this might be your bike. Geometry is based around an 80mm travel fork.

Domahidy belt drive dropout

The launch is being handled via another modern creation, Kickstarter. Steel frames start at $899, pricing will go up after the initial launch. Ti frames are $1,799. There are options for complete bikes, custom Spectrum Powder Works paint jobs, and even a $10,000 pledge option that would include a charitable trip to Kenya or Ecuador with Project C.U.R.E.

Domahidy Ti headbadge