Featured Ride: Elm Ridge Loop, New York


Trail information courtesy of MTB Project. Photos by Dirt Rag and courtesy of MTB Project.

The Catskill Forest Preserve is home to over 40 miles of mountain bike trails. The Elm Ridge Loop, located just outside of Windham, New York, features over 14 miles of the Castskills’ finest singletrack.

Elm Ridge Loop starts on the lower-elevation “Fun Loops” then ascends Levitate Trail and gains over 750 feet of elevation. Once atop Elm Ridge, the route exploits a vast network of trails that feature enough rocks and roots to keep you on your toes, without being too daunting.


The prescribed route covers just about every inch of trail in this section of the forest. However, if you don’t have the time or inclination to go for the full pull, fear not. The trails are well-blazed and the intersections are marked clearly. It’s easy enough to shorten the ride at any point by taking the most direct route back to Levitate and then zipping down to the easy-to-navigate Fun Loops. Descending Levitate is a hoot. Trust us, we’ve ridden it and can’t wait to get back for a repeat.

Kudos to the Windham Area Recreation Foundation for building and maintaining these and other trails in the area. For your biking needs, or just some on-the-ground information, swing by Windham Mountain Outfitters. It’s a community-oriented shop that’s very involved in developing Windham into a premier destination for bikers.