Featured Ride: Jackson Run/Archers Fork, Ohio


Photos and information from MTBProject.com

In southeastern Ohio, there are quite a few rides to be had in the Wayne National Forest. This challenging, 16-mile ride is just one option in an area full of technical trails. In this area alone, there are about 40 additional miles of riding you could tack on to this one trail without having to get in your car.

The Jackson Run/Archers Fork ride is 95 percent singletrack with 2,300 feet of ascent/descent. This route offers challenging cross-country riding and a true backcountry riding experience in the heart of Wayne National Forest’s Marietta Unit.


The Jackson Run Trail and Archer’s Fork Loop Trail offer some of the largest and most challenging climbs and descents in the area. Numerous rock gardens, rock outcroppings, small caves and a natural bridge are the highlights of this ride.