Featured Ride: Oil Well Flats, Colorado


Information and photos from MTBProject.com. 

It’s not winter just yet, nor do we want to rush it, but Oil Well Flats near Canon City, Colorado, has become a go-to winter riding destination when most of the state’s most populated area’s are covered in snow.

This 13-mile ride offers a sampling of the system trails. Located in the climate capitol of Colorado, this new-ish trail system is rideable year round. You’ll find singletrack trails with a variety of difficulty and terrain making it a great off-season destination.


Be sure to check out Island in Sky where you find yourself on the edge of a 200-foot rim looking out over Canon City and the Sangre De Christo mountains. Anticline Trail is chocked full of fun alternate lines that are sure to bring a smile to your face.


The trail network is new and is constantly being modified and updated so signing and mapping is still a bit confusing. Be sure to check with Red Canyon Cycles or the BLM Royal Gorge Field Office for latest trail beta.


Fun fact: This area is known for dinosaur bones including Ms. Spike, a stegosaurus fossil discovered in this area in the early 1990s. Be sure to check out the interpretive sites along the way to learn more about the interesting history and geology of this area.


If you’re into such things, bring your climbing and kayaking gear, as well. Internationally recognized Shelf Road rock climbing area is just up the road and the infamous Royal Gorge stretch of the Arkansas River is back in Canon City, making this a great destination for multi-sport weekends.