Featured Ride: Rocky Knob Park, North Carolina


Photos and information from MTB Project.

Rocky Knob Park (RKP) is a 185-acre county park located just east of the town of Boone, North Carolina. With over nine miles of singletrack trail (including four skills areas), Rocky Knob contains some of the most beautiful, unique, destination-quality mountain biking terrain in the area.


RKP lives up to its name: it’s rocky and there are no “beginner” trails. The mountain itself has stone features all over it, ranging from scree and boulder fields to slabs and small cliffs. The trails cross all of these areas and, as a result, nearly the entire trail surface contains some chunk. Several trails have optional lines, allowing more skilled riders to air it out or test themselves on rock formations.



This part of North Carolina is ready for your next mountain bike adventure. When you’re done with Rocky Knob, jump in the car and head west to ride at Beech Mountain (“the highest mountain bike trail system east of the rockies”) or drive east to ride the 31-mile Kerr Scott IMBA Epic near Wilkesboro.