Featured Ride: White Ridge Trail System, New Mexico

white ridge nm 5

While not particularly technical, the White Ridge Trail System stands out in the Albuquerque area for vertical exposure and stunning views. It is ranked the number 2 ride in New Mexico on MTB Project. The main loop is 8.4 miles, mostly singletrack and hovers around 6,000 feet of elevation without a tremendous amount of climbing.

white ride nm 4

This trail was developed with mountain biking in mind and is sure to please. Fast sections of singletrack follow the ridge lines across gypsum formations; descents incorporate some of the most fun terrain; and beautiful rocky desert scenery is everywhere you look. While much of the trail is not too technical, it’s narrow enough to hold your attention and people with a fear of heights might have to walk in a few spots.

white ridge nm 3

Make sure to stop and ride if you’re roadtripping since wayfinding is easy. There is a good trail map at the trailhead. The trail junctions are numbered and out on the trail each junction has a numbered post with a downsized version of the map. According to some of the comments, there are great post-ride tacos to be had in town, too.

white ridge nm 1

Photos courtesy of mtbproject.com