Featured Trail Friday: Camp Tamarancho, Fairfax, Calif.

The trails snaking along Tamarancho.
The trails snaking along Tamarancho.

Trail stats

  • Average Singletracks.com rating: (4.68) 33 trail reviews
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: 10 miles


Start out with a nice warm up climb up a paved road, followed by nice sigletrack climb through some narrow switch-backs and some rock gardens. Levels out for some rolling singletrack. From here on, it is climb a little, enjoy some nice down hill. There are only 2 areas that I would call ‘really technical’ (THE switchback, and the boulder) but the rest of the trail will keep you on your toes, while still allowing your helmet to whistle in the wind. Since this is private property, you will either have to buy a day pass or a season pass at Don’t try to poach, there are rangers out there most of the time.


This trail is both fun to ride and beautiful. The scenery is constantly changing, and none of the elevation climbs are too bad. Definitely a must-ride, also because of its historical value in Marin. Even though it’s only ten miles, it’s ten miles of effort, and it will have you concentrating on what you’re doing. Pretty technical in spots, but just about everything can be cleaned. I’ll ride again and again! —Roxy&Yeti

An amazing, well built trail. A solid Intermediate trail with some rocks, switchbacks, smooth flow, and gradual climbs. If visiting in the Bay Area this is a great place to drop in and ride. Hit up Stoked SF if you want a bike and a guide. Ensure you pay for a pass for access. —Mac10Matt

This IS one of the best single tracks in Marin. It is a shorter loop for more advanced cross country riders but there are options out. I found a great loop that includes 90% of the Tmarancho loop and drops out to another great ride up through Loma Alta. The total milage is just about right for a good day ride. 23 miles in all. Tamarancho is a great warm up but if you stayed I would do a couple laps. You can hit it once and drop back into town for a beer and a brat and then charge Whites hill. Great Veiws all around and the terrain changes the whole way through. —Jessemc537


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