First Impression: Lenz Sport Mammoth

By Jon Pratt

Devin Lenz has a history of producing some great bikes. Inheriting its DNA from the Behemoth, the first long travel all-mountain 29er, and the Leviathan 29 x 4.0, the Lenz Sport Mammoth is designed to tackle technical terrain while maintaining a frame weight capable of that all-day epic ride.

While Lenz would rather not sell a complete bike, opting for frames only, we got our hands on a pretty nice build. With a White Brothers Loop up front, Fox RP23 in back, and XO components hanging off a pretty cool, understated frame, this bike has been put through its paces.

The U.S.A.-made frame comes with a tapered headtube and is designed to run a 130mm or 140mm fork, however Lenz says a 120mm will work as well. Direct mount front derailleur compatible, 135mm rear spacing, and a anodized frame with sweet subtle logos. A high bottom bracket, 13.75 inches, gets you through the gnar with little-to-no pedal strike.

The slack 69 degree headtube angle, five inches of rear travel, and low weight of this frame seem suited for trails that make you pay-to-play, also known as a nice climb followed by a technical descent. My initial impressions of the Mammoth are favorable, as I tend to spend a lot of my time choosing the more aggressive lines on rides. The bike seems to be at home on rocky, technical climbs as well. It’s not just all about the rocks though, I spent a good deal of time enjoying the long, flowy stuff too. The Mammoth’s firm build reacts well to swoopy trails like we saw at Dirt Fest at Raystown Lake this year. Lenz might be on to something here…

MSRP on the frame and rear shock is $2,350, custom build quotes are available online, too.

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