First Look: 2009 Trek Top Fuel

top fuel profile

My first day at 2009 Trek Camp was spent learning about and riding their updated carbon OCLV Fuel EX (report here). Later in the day, as I rolled into the group dinner, I was not prepared for the surprise that Trek had waiting there—samples of a radically re-designed carbon OCLV Top Fuel 100mm travel XC race bike. The top-of-the-line 9.9 model is said to weigh less than 21lbs. with Ti Eggbeater pedals. Key Top Fuel highlights include:

  • The ’09 Top Fuel frame is 33% stiffer than ’08, and is 431gm. lighter (2027gm./4.5lbs. frame weight).
  • Rear suspension now uses Active Braking PIvot design (more info here).
  • Rear suspension now also uses Full Floater design (more info here).
  • No-cut seatmast offers 100mm of adjustment, is stiffer and saves weight.
  • Net molding on BB and headtube allow use of drop-in bearings resulting in weight savings.
  • Crossbow frame re-design saves 100gm. and improves stiffness by 33%.
  • Top-end 9.9 model has 2×9 drivetrain, with custom FSA 2-ring cranks, that produce a Q-Factor 10mm narrower than Shimano XTR.
  • Bontrager Race XXX Lite wheels use all-new Bontrager XXX Carbon rims (tubeless compatible) and the wheelset weights in at 1450gm.

Alas, I did not have a change to ride the 2009 Top Fuel—the few existing samples are in the hands of Trekies such as Travis Brown and Chris Eatough, who put them through the paces on our day-two group ride on Durango’s trademark Hermosa Creek trail. With any luck, I might find a test bike under my skinny white butt at some point in the future (if I can win the cage match at DRHQ).

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top fuel side top fuel abp top fuel controls hermosa trailhead

top fuel crossbow top fuel front top fuel profile top fuel cranks