First look at new helmets from Kali Protectives

By Josh Patterson

The Avana, above, is Kali’s new all-mountain helmet. We reviewed the company’s popular Avita model in issue #156. One of our quibbles with the Avita was that it didn’t offer quite as much rear coverage as comparable models from other companies. Kali took this criticism to heart when designing the Avana. This new model offers more rear coverage and uses multiple foam densities to increase the helmet’s ability to dissipate energy upon impact.

The Avana will retail for $139.

Kali also has a new performance cross-country lid. The Maraka XC weights approximately 250 grams and offers reinforced structures around the helmet’s front vents to lessen high-speed impacts.

The Maraka will retail for $189.

On the more budget-minded end of the spectrum is Kali’s Chakra Plus. This helmet offers a full in-mold shell, one-handed dial adjust, and a breakaway visor. It’s Kali-sponsored rider Eric Porter’s go-to helmet and it retails for a very reasonable $50. Not bad, Kali. Not bad.

Eric Porter, rocking the Shakra Plus and leading the way. “It’s just over that next hill…”