That’s right. I’m calling this a Flog. You might have noticed that we did away with our usual method for posting Brain Farts. We figured it was better and easier for everyone involved to just do our Brain Farts through the Dirt Rag Blog.

Since the term “blog” is a compound of “web” and “log”, I figured I’d join “(Brain) Fart” and “blog” and call it “Flog!”

Anyway…in other news, we’ve just about launched the digital version of Dirt Rag. And we’re calling it DigiRag.

It’s something we’ve discussed for a long time. And we’re stoked that we’re just about finished with it. We just have a couple more things to work on, but you can see how it all works by clicking here. We have a version of issue #130 for you to see and enjoy.

Don’t worry…we’re still going to print the magazine. That’s not going anywhere. We’re offering up DigiRag for a variety of reasons.

For starters, some people have been asking for us to offer a digital version. Some of them say they would rather not waste trees for the print version…though we think “wasting” is a strong word. Other people…especially those who don’t live in the US…don’t like to wait for the magazine to arrive via the postal carrier. Now that we can send the digital version live, people who subscribe to the digital version can read it the day we publish it.

Besides all that, as new technology emerges, we want to flow the Dirt Rag vibe across those new conduits. The web site was one such technology. And now a complete digital version of the magazine is another method. And you can bet, as soon as we can transmit our content directly to your brain, we’re on it.

I keep saying this, but we’re working on other new features for the web site and beyond. It’s going to be some cool stuff, but I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag just yet. There’s a lot of work to be done, and only so much time an energy to get it done.

But…as they say….Stay Tuned.