For one WTB employee, a work week to remember (or try to forget)


WTB OEM Sales Manager Jason Moeschler, a dedicated and decorated racer by heritage, is used to the hectic schedule his business title and passion for elite level racing mandates of him. Crowned the 1997 US Junior National Champion as well as three-time Downieville All Mountain Pro Champion, Moeschler somehow also finds time to coach high school students in Northern California when not racing or working.

Moeschler just completed a work week no one would be envious of. An integral and focal member of Team WTB, Moeschler just concluded a week that began with coaching a youth and adult skills camp in Taipei; moved on to setting up and working Taichung Bike Week’s trade show; quickly followed by the Merida Cup Mountain Bike Race in Changhua; and concluded with an 8-hour race, the Super 8 Enduro in Taichung the following day.

Triumphant though exhausted, Moeschler then had meetings with key vendors after the races and visited customers at WTB’s Taipei office on the 12th and 13th before flying directly back to WTB’s Mill Valley, Calif., headquarters, located just north of San Francisco.

In Taipei, separate adult and youth skills camps focused on skills Jason has honed through racing: balance, braking, line selection, weight distribution, appropriate shifting, and bike fit. Moeschler also elaborated on his work within the bicycle industry and his upbringing with WTB.

Moeschler’s focus then shifted to Taichung Bike Week, setting up WTB’s conference and meeting room within the Tempus Hotel. Four hectic and meeting-infused days later, a ragged Moeschler faced a 6 a.m. departure and drive to the Merida Cup Mountain Bike Race in Changhua.

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Dry conditions leading up to the Merida Cup made taxed racer’s bike handling skills while also bringing into question tire selection as riders faced dried hard pack, exposed sharp rocks, and hard-to-predict rock rubble. Moeschler had finished second to UCI World Cup XC racer Maxime Marotte the previous year, making this year’s Merida Cup all the more important to him. He finished third this year.

Not to be slowed down by the Merida Cup, Moeschler promptly returned to Taichung and competed in the Super 8 Enduro, placing second in eight hours of nonstop riding.