Gallery: Dirt Rag rides Sedona

By Jon Pratt

Recently a few select, privileged, cooler-than-the-rest, Dirt Rag staffers hit up Sedona for a couple of days of fun in the desert. With the guiding hands of Matt McFee, Kevin Waterbury, and Hermosa Tours we sampled some of the best singletrack and crazy crystal-powered-UFO folklore the region has to offer. Look for the story in the new issue of the magazine:


We were stoked to rest our heads at the Red Agave Resort, from where the trail system literally flows out of the brick courtyard. Miles and miles of red rock and singletrack with sharp needle bearing cactuses penalizing any tire that roamed off the well-beaten path. Or for that matter, any body that decided to come to rest in the wrong place along the way.

Sedona turns out to be quite an interesting (strange) place when you spend some time poking around. Crystals, skulls, UFO tours, and every type of new age movement has taken hold in and around the magical Bell Rock…which contains an alien spacecraft awaiting its launching orders to go back home…if you didn’t already know.


While we were there we had fun testing bikes and the vortices surrounding the town, and got to take some cool photos along the way. Enjoy a few here, then head on over to your local bike shop or newsstand to pick up a copy of the newest issue of Dirt Rag to read all about our adventures in the Valentine State. You really should grab yourself a print or digital subscription so you don’t miss all the great stuff we’ve got planned for the coming issues.