Get it now: Issue #192, the American zine


For some insane reason, we decided to hand the reigns of Issue #192 over to Stevil Kinevil of All Hail the Black Market (AHTBM) infamy. Then we let our designer, Stephen Haynes, loose to make this thing look like an old-school zine, complete with several skull drawings done by all of our staff. (You can win prizes for counting up and guessing how many skulls are in the issue. Hint: There are a lot.) Click here to enter your best guess.



Stevil cajoled founders of some of our nation’s most interesting bike brands (Blue Collar Bikes, Indy Fab and FBM) into spinning tales about the history of each brand, put together a buyer’s guide of made-in-USA trail bikes, told the story of the old Mudflap cycling zine and allowed our regular editor to pen a column. Bama wrote us a nice poem, Rebecca Rusch told the story of bikepacking self-supported across Italy and Watts Dixon, one of our new guys, told yet another crazy character story that comes from running a local bike shop.



We also tested the Salsa Pony Rustler, Scott Genuis 920, Lenz Sport Behemoth and the Kona Process 153 DL, and reviewed packs, pads, cycling duds and some new bits and baubles from Paul Components.

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We hope you like what transpired. We sure do. Let us know what you think, even if you hate it. That’s cool. We’ll still like you.

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