Here we go!

Hi there, kids! Welcome to the new Dirt Rag Blog. Us staff people have been talking about doing a blog for a couple of years now. And finally….here we are.

As you can see by some of the older posts in the Blog here, we’ve been test-driving it for several months now. We promise to keep the goods coming to you very frequently. On that note, we also vow to keep the content in this Blog at least semi-interesting and relevant. We’ve been putting together a magazine for more than 18 years.

We sincerely feel that this Blog adventure will be another extension of the magazine. We’ve got the knowledge, experience and the passion to give you quality content. And thanks to this Blog, we can now give you more of that content in a fast and easy way, though a bit less formal than a bona fide magazine article.

Anyway….we’ll still be working out some bugs and learning some stuff over the coming weeks. We’ve already got some cool stuff planned for this space.

So as always….stay tuned.

Lockwood Bike Room