How to get your toddler up on two wheels in five minutes

Americans are finally catching on to what Europeans have known for a while: Kids learn how to ride bikes much faster and fearlessly if you lose the training wheels — and while you’re at it, lose the pedals. That way, they learn how to balance safely on two wheels while scooting around with their feet, Fred Flintstone style. Naturally, as soon as they exceed a certain speed, they pick up those little stompers and it’s off to the races.

A number of pedal-less push bikes have been hitting the market here, but they’re mostly Euro imports. Now a South Dakota man has launched Striders, and he’s very cleverly positioned his push bikes as dirt-ready and urban-savvy (though I’m inclined to think maybe a single handbrake wouldn’t be a bad idea if you live anywhere near a hill, and you don’t have a huge budget for new tennies every two weeks).


The other huge advance? These little suckers weigh just 7 pounds, making them about 1/10th the weight of your average kids’ bike. See ’em yourself at