Inside Line: Magura 4-piston brakes and E-Select electronic suspension system


Last year Magura released the E-Select fork, with electronics controlling the damping and a wireless handlebar remote. Now that some technology controls the rear shock as well.

The suspension can be set to lock out when the terrain tilts up. The angle at which the fork and shock locks out can be calibrated to rider preferences, and a free-fall sensor unlocks the fork when a force of more than 1G is detected, so no harsh landings from unseen drop off. The suspension can also be controlled with the remote, and the fork and shock can be locked out separately or as a pair. Read more about it here.


The electronic system saves 70 grams over a double cable lockout, and should have enough charge to last for 40-60 hours of riding. The system turns itself on when the ride starts, but the remote needs to be activated with a button push after a long stop. A full charge takes 3 hours. And should the batteries die on the trail, the system defaults to fully open.

The E-Select system can be installed in any Magura fork from 2010-present, and the rear shock is available in 165, 190m 200 or 215 eye-to-eye lengths.

Magura designed (and manufactures) almost the entire E-Select system in house, which is an impressive feat for such an involved system.


We also got to check out a new brake system. Magura also manufactures brakes for motorcycles (the blue caliper pictured here) and wanted to bring its four piston technology to mountain bikes. The result is this new brake. Four pistons, four brake pads, more power and heat management for gravity oriented bikes.


Those cute knit brake lever cozies are there to hide the new levers from prying eyes, but I got a peek and they look as good as the calipers. Pricing and name will be released during Magura’s annual Sedona media camp next month.