Interbike Web Extras

If you didn’t visit during Interbike (September 22-26) or the week afterward (for shame!) and you’re just checking out our print Interbike coverage in Issue #139, boy, do we have web extras for you. Here’s what you’ve missed:

Photo Galleries:
dirt-demo-view.jpgDay 1 Dirt Demo
shep.jpgDay 2 Dirt Demo
interbike_day_3_web_ii001.jpgDay 3 Indoor
dsc0043.jpgDay 4 Indoor
dsc0014_1.jpgDay 5 Indoor

It’s Show Time FolksThe Dirtier Daily
Interbike Report Day 1: Outdoor Demo
Interbike Report Day 2: More Outdoor Demo
Interbike Commutingcommuting-bikes.jpg
A Pair of Long Travel Trail Bikesjustin-pivot.jpg
Dirt Demo Great Escapeizip.jpg
Interbike Report Day 3: Indoor Showmauriceandrich.jpg
I rode some bikes in the desert and now I blog.genius-eric1.jpg
Interbike Report Day 4: More Indoor Showretrovelo.jpg
Two to Choose from…kona-lisa-120-_andrew_2.jpg
Live! From Interbike! It’s Dirt Rag TV!