Magicshine light batteries recalled

After we gave them a fairly glowing (hehe) review in Issue 152, we were a bit dissapointed to hear that the Magicshine light batteries have been recalled.Their main US distributor,, has issued a satement on its web site that their use should be discontinued immediately.

Geomangear temporarily has stopped selling Magicshine lightsets due to our concerns regarding the safety, quality, and performance of Magicshine’s lithium-ion battery packs sold by Geomangear between July 2009 and November 2010. We have determined that these Magicshine battery packs do not meet Geomangear’s high expectations regarding product safety, quality, and performance. We have notified both the manufacturer of Magicshine lightsets and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission that Geomangear intends to voluntarily recall all Magicshine battery packs sold by Geomangear.

The batteries covered, sold from June 2009 through the present, will ultimately be replaced, they said, but it will take a while and they’re asking customers to be patient.

Head on over to their web site for more details.