Moots FrosTi fatbike now available in 4 or 5-inch versions

The titanium maestros in Colorado, Moots Cycles, have updated the FrosTi fat bike accommodate the largest 4.8-inch tires now on the market. Available in four stock sizes, the FrosTi is welded in Steamboat Springs, like all Moots bikes, and uses a 44mm headtube and a 100mm bottom bracket. The 4-inch version (built around the 3.8-inch Surly tires) is 170mm spaced, while the 5-inch is 190mm.

While it’s built around a Salsa Enabler fork, it can also take a 120mm 29er fork for summer use, and the 5-inch version can fit 29×3.0 Surly Knard tires as well.