No Boys Allowed, Take 2 – Another Women’s Weekend at Ray’s Indoor

By Trina Haynes. Photos by Emily Walley.

There were a record-breaking 203 women at Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park’s Women’s Weekend in Milwaukee and a record 218 at the same event in Cleveland. I feel like I can say with confidence there is a growth of woman who are embracing the fun and challenging sport of mountain biking. 

Ray’s level of dedication to encourage woman to ride is astounding. Friday is free to woman. Free! And the day includes coaching from some amazing women who want to help further the techniques and confidence of ladies, no matter the level of experience. You also get lunch, an amazing opportunity to win some prizes, and hours of riding, then end the day with a beer in hand. Doesn’t get much better than that.


Think about it: almost an entire day with no entry fee’s coming in for Ray’s. That’s a lot of revenue and shows serious support for encouraging women who ride or always wanted to. Here is what a few ladies had to say:

From our video interviews and chatting with ladies in the park, the percent of women who plan on taking their bikes out on trails this summer due to the weekend of learning and fun is substantial. With that in mind, Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Parks mission of encouraging woman to ride was accomplished.

If you can’t make it to Women’s Weekend, making a trip out to the park is worth the journey. It provides an opportunity to enhance your riding capabilities and hone in on skills.

I want to say a big “Thank you!” to Ray, the coaches and the staff at both parks, for your continuing dedication and support. Cheers to another year!

Let Ray’s Indoor MTB Park know how much you appreciate the opportunity and support by sending a letter, or card, photo, email to say thanks to Ray, the coaches and the staff. Or even better, stop by and tell them in person!


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