Nomad Gets Next-Generation VPP Makeover

Nomad ProfileBack in February, 2008 Maurice attended Santa Cruz press camp, where the NorCal bike-maker introduced their next-generation VPP suspension, via a redesigned Blur LT. Maurice followed up that trip with a full-blown Blur LT bike review that appeared in Issue #136. Santa Cruz has just announced that they’ve brought their next-generation VPP to the Nomad platform.

Santa Cruz explains the redesigned VPP suspension as follows: “The VPP revision results in a flatter shock rate, meaning a less dramatic falling rate at the beginning of travel, and less of a rising rate near bottom-out. The instant center of the rear suspension now sits lower than before, and the new design has less chain growth than the old one. These elements make the new bike pedal and climb more efficiently than before. The geometry of the bike still ensures excellent stability, but the suspension feels more lively and the new Nomad feels more snappy and responsive everywhere.

The list of Nomad tweaks includes:

  • New linkage design features 15mm diameter alloy axles bolting directly into the frame that are locked in place with ultra-trick collet heads which control preload on the angular contact bearings in the lower link.
  • Lower pivots easily lubed up via the grease ports in the link. Each frame comes with a grease gun.
  • Upper link is molded carbon fiber.
  • Replaced the old clamshell welded top tube design to a triple butted 6000 series aluminum front triangle that increases strength and stiffness in the front end.
  • Incorporate ISCG 05 chainguide mounts.
  • Increase head tube diameter to 1.5″.
  • Reduced frame weight by a third of a pound over the previous model.

The new Nomad will be available late October, in black, white, red, yellow, lime green, liquid blue, ano green and ano slate. Look for samples at Interbike On-Dirt demo. Website:

Below is the geometry chart for the 2009 Nomad.

Nomad Sizing

Click on the thumbnails for enlarged photos of the 2009 Nomad.

Nomad Detail Nomad Lower Link Nomad Upper Link