Prize-winners rip BC singletrack

Matt Johnson, winner of the 2011 Mountain Biking BC 7 Day Giveaway knew he had won a great prize, but also felt a little nervous about what he was about to experience. BC’s reputation for challenging technical single track and the thought of joining a crew of riders that had all carved their teeth on British Columbia trails was perhaps a little daunting for the desk jockey father of three from Utah. However any feelings of trepidation were soon replaced with jubilation and awe with each flowy descent of some of BC’s finest single track in the Sea to Sky corridor and on Vancouver Island. The roster of communities included Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Victoria, Cowichan Bay, Cumberland and Hornby Island.

Matt brought along his regular riding buddy (also brother-in-law) Dean Winn to share the experience. Rather than bring their bikes (Cannondale Prophets) and pay the crazy airline baggage fees they choose to arrange rentals for the week from Endless Biking in North Vancouver; a pair of well equipped 2011 Rocky Mountain Altitudes that proved to be the perfect bikes for climbing and descending the trails that were lined up for the week ahead.

The trip was operated by BC Bike Ride, the same crew that puts on the prestigious BC Bike Race every year that attracts riders from around the world for “The Ultimate Single Track Experience”. Dean Payne, Andreas Hestler, and Tom Skinner did an amazing job of keeping everyone happy, truly some of the best mountain biking hosts you could ask for. Their choice of accommodation, food and refreshments were bang on to satisfy the diverse group. Their trail selection was perfect, providing progression for the inductees and ripping descents for the accustomed local flow junkies.

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Photo courtesy of Dave Silver Photography.