Read Bicycle Times #2 Reprints Online

Issue #2 of our sister publication, Bicycle Times, is on the streets. To give readers a taste of the flavor, we’ve reprinted selected articles on the Bicycle Times website.

Peruse the list below for a sweet taste, and then click on through to read the full story. We’ll be posting additional articles in the coming weeks, so bookmark, and be sure to check back early and often.

The Endless Ascent: Confessions of a Hill Climber
Alastair Bland
I was born at about sea level, and after 29 years I am still there, just several feet above the big blue—but that’s the great illusion of my life. For on a bicycle I have courted, coveted and triumphed over countless ups and downs—hills, that is—and like many cyclists I am living proof that what goes up must come back down. Continued….
Cyclists Find No Safety in Numbers
John C. Cannon
The debate on bicycle safety, mired in conflicting beliefs and a dearth of conclusive studies, stretches back decades with few firm conclusions. In this article, reprinted from Bicycle Times issue #2, our author sifts through the existing safety data, talks to the experts, and explodes some common bicycle safety myths. Read it….
Bicycle Times Issue #2 Feature: Bike Makeover
Philip Williamson
A Bicycle Makeover is a recycling project. You take an existing bike, and turn it into a practical vehicle—a Useful Bike—with a few lightweight components and some fitting changes. Almost any bike is a candidate for a makeover, whether it’s a rigid steel mountain bike like this one. More….
Michael McGettigan
Can a folder bike be “cool?” The Mµ Uno is Dahon’s answer to that question—matte black, super-simple, just one speed and a coaster brake. Dahon wanted to make a bike that your city dweller would be comfortable with banging around town. The mission statement for the Uno: a bike that is durable enough to ride every day, in all weather, with a single gear suitable for fast riding and light enough to easily carry up and down the stairs in train stations. More….