Review: Shimano SH-AM45 shoes


Way back in issue #151, I reviewed Shimano’s MP66W shoes. Since then, Shimano has introduced the AM45 model to replace the MP66. I really liked the MP66, so I’m happy to see their spirit carried on in the AM45, with a few improvements.

While the MP66 came to us from the BMX world, the AM45’s are designed for aggressive trail riding. They offer excellent protection via an internal heel pad, a burly rubber outsole that wraps up high on the shoe to protect your toes, and light padding all around the synthetic upper.

Shimano’s Volume+ last offers a medium-wide width, which is great for those with wider feet, such as this tester. Shimano’s insole is decent, but I did swap out for my personal favorite after a couple of rides.

In general, I can’t say enough great things about these shoes. I use them for nearly all of my riding, from trail to downhill. Hell, I even use them for day-to-day commuting and the occasional XC race. I love being able to walk comfortably and enjoy having my feet a bit more protected. Sure, these shoes get a little warm in the summer, but the perforated upper panels breath better than you’d expect. Conversely, these shoes keep my feet warm in cool conditions, and also shed a surprising amount of water. One of the major improvements over the MP66 is the removal of the two mesh panels over the toe area of the old shoe. These small mesh panels allowed water to sneak into those old shoes, where that water simply rolls off the AM45.

For all around trail riding, and anything short of XC racing, I find the AM45 shoes hard to beat, particularly for the $100 asking price. Weight: 1,150 grams/pair in size 43. Made in China.