Sea Otter Report: Brand-new Niner RIP 9

Niner RIP 9

A few days ago Niner sent around press release about the new RIP 9. The original RIP was long time favorite and a great selling bike for Niner, it was only with some trepidation that a redesign was undertaken.

The carbon RIP gets most of the attention for being high tech, but the new aluminum framed RIP should not be dismissed at low tech in any way.

The original RIP used hydroforming to shape the aluminum frame members into all kinds of non-tube shapes. For the new RIP, Niner is using a new process called airforming. Instead of the high-pressure fluid used in hydroforming, airforming uses hot, high pressure air to create even more intricate shapes. It takes more time than the almost-instant hydroforming process, but Niner considers the extra time well worth it. With the new process, Niner is able to drop 30% (or a half pound) from the old frame weight.

Bearings are bigger, hardware is all redesigned and the linkage is a new forging. The lower ISCG mounting tab is incorporated into the pivot bolt, a pretty slick looking set up.

All new RIPs are designed around the Rock Shox Monarch air shock, and travel is bumped up to 125mm. This is only up 5mm from the previously claimed 120mm, but some would say that number might have been a generous estimate.

No chance to ride this new bike, but we hope to remedy that soon. Bikes will start shipping to dealers on May 7th, just in time for prime-time, summer-time riding.