Sea Otter Report: KS Dropper Posts

By Eric McKeegan

KS is continuing to expand its dropper range, from the highest of high end, to very affordable options.

This is the LEV Carbon. This post will weigh in at a claimed 325 grams, at least 200 grams less than most droppers on the market. The drop will be limited to 65mm of infinitely adjustable travel.

The fixed cable mount will be lower profile, and the post will come with Power-Cordz Kevlar cable and new low friction housing. Carbon fiber makes lots of appearances: the outer post, the lower saddle clamp and the remote lever. The saddle bolts even get the Ti treatment.

The downside? A $600 price tag.

At the complete opposite end of the market is the eTen, an entry-level post that should make a lot of riders happy at $175, with a remote lever.

Most of the internals are steel rather than aluminum, with shouldn’t affect much of anything besides weight. At 723 grams, it is not anywhere near light, but with the money you save, you can drop some weight elsewhere, take a road trip, or pay off that pesky student loan.

Also available in a few months is the LEV Integra, the internally routed version of the LEV. With more and more bikes coming with interal routing for dropper posts, this would be a great upgrade for a stock standard post. Will be available in 30.9, 31.6 and 34.9 diameters, a length/drops of: 335/100, 385/125 abd 435/150.