Sneak preview: Artists and photographers in issue #170

By Matt Kasprzyk

Issue #170 is done and done. It’s being shipped and will soon be fondled by lucky subscribers. It won’t be long before you’ll be marveling at the issue in its entirety, but here’s a little insider bump to hold you over.

Kyle Stecker

Our May issue features some solid contributors from past issues. Kyle Stecker’s cover illustration takes us back to our roots of great cover art but also pushes us forward. I’m sure veteran readers, and new subscribers alike, will appreciate his work. You may recognize his style from the Manic Mechanic column in Issue #163, pictured below, and I’m looking forward to getting him involved with another issue.

Here’s a rough sketch, the final BW comp, and the final illustration for Issue #170:


Leslie Herman

Leslie Herman is a Delaware native living in Chicago. He has an impressive list of recognitions and clients including: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Huffington Post, Atlanta Magazine, and is now able to add Dirt Rag. Those titles are lucky to be on the same list as our venerable institution. I’m stoked he was able to work with us. Check out his latest work at

Andrew Roberts 

Andrew Roberts is an illustrator living and working in Brooklyn, NY. When not grinding out artwork for magazines and newspapers, he spends his days learning bass lines to weird prog rock songs, eating at Paulie Gee’s (best pizza on the planet!) and narrowly avoiding death while riding back and forth over the Williamsburg Bridge. Andrew brings some levity to a topic that could affect your bowels.

Mark Mackay 

Check out Mark Mackay’s images for a behind-the-scenes look at the Elements of Perfection series and to give a look into the lifestyle of the people coming together to make it all possible. This led him to shoot the 2013 ad campaign for the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, his first commercial work. “Sounds cheesy but I moved to BC from the far north of Scotland three years ago to follow a dream and it feels like its finally beginning to happen for me," says Mark. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more from him.