Surly Moonlander has landed, plus more

Surly finally pulled the wraps of the super-fat Moonlander bike they’ve been teasing us with, plus a bunch of other new stuff and updates to their classics.


Details: 135mm hubs front and rear. Works with the 100mm Clownshoes rims and Big Fat Larry 4.7-inch tires. Requires the Mr. Whirley Offset crankset. MSRP: frameset: $700, complete bike: $2,350. Due Date: frameset: Late September 2011, complete bike: Mid-December 2011.

Big Fat Larry

Yes, it will *sorta* fit on your Pugsley, but will cost you the innermost chainring and cogs. MSRP: $140. Due Date: Aug 2011.


100mm rim. Single wall with cutouts for lightitude. 64hole pattern for offset and non-offset wheel builds. 960g. There will also be a non-holy Clownshoe for the budget-minded. It will weigh more and cost less. Details to follow. MSRP: $200. Due Date: 2011.

Mr. Whirley Offset Double

Big big tires mean more offset. Using the existing Mr. Whirly crank arms, Surly has devised a system where the space previously occupied by your middle ring now houses a granny ring. The outside position will now accommodate a middle ring. MWOD will also use a longer spindle than the current Pugsley spec spindle. Color: Black. MSRP: $310 for the whole shootin match crankset, $65 for a set of two rings for your current Whirly. Due Date: End of September 2011.


A mix between the Karate Monkey and the Troll, the Ogre is a do-it-all 29er. Racks, fenders, trailers, Rohloff, disc brakes, v-brakes, it will all work. MSRP: TBD – likely in the $495ish range. Due Date: Mid-December 2011.

Black Floyd

26×3.8 slick tire. Pump it up and go fast.


26×3.8 knobby. Like, BIG knobs.

Marge Light

The 65mm-wide Marge went on a diet and lost some rotating mass. New option is 690g.


Other classic Surly products get updates for 2012:

The Pacer gets a new look, and will now accomodate 700x32c tires and will require mid-reach brake calipers.

The Karate Monkey looses its cantilever mounts and the fork has added lightness.

The Troll will now be available as a complete bike for about $1,400.

The Long Haul Trucker gets a disc-brake twin. You will have to choose one style of brake or the other though, it’s not the same frame.

The Pugsley now has a blacked-out color scheme.

Keep reading

We’ll have more info when we can get our greasy hands on any of this stuff. Until then, check out the Surly Blog for more.