Sweedish shred: ‘Moves’ by Hillside Cycling

We got this note from Hillside Cycling, a mountain bike guide service outside Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweeden. It’s amazing how much it resembles our home state of Pennsylvania!

The terrain around Gothenburg consists of hundreds of kilometers of natural trails through rolling and rocky forests which makes a durable freeride bike advantageous in many situations. The natural topography of Gothenburg can make the trails somewhat muddy and depending on the time of year, it can be a downright mud fest.

The video was shot during December, which turned out to be the rainiest month of the year. We hope this film shows the fun of riding year round, regardless of the weather. The main focus was on trails that demand technique, balance, strength and endurance. It rained almost nonstop during the filming, making some of the trails very slick and tough to ride.

All the best,

Leo, Natasja, Anders & Anders