Tackling the Chomolungma Challenge – 30,000 feet of descending

By Justin Steiner, photo courtesy of Snowshoe Bike Park.

Snowshoe Bike Park announced final details for the Chomolungma Challege this week. This race to descend nearly 30,000 vertical feet—the height of Mount Everest, from which the event draws its name—is scheduled for Saturday, August 25.

Snowshoe’s western territory drops 1,500 feet with each run, meaning riders will be racing to complete 20 laps over a variety of terrain. Solo, two person, and four person team options are available, with solo and team riders on their own courses.

Course A will be Snowshoe’s challenging Pro DH track, while course B is the fast, jump-filled Ninja Bob to Ball ‘n Jack to Powerline. Racing will begin just after 8 a.m., with solo racers on track A, team racers on track B. At noon, racers will switch tracks for the remainder of the day.

I’ve been stoked about this race since the very day it was announced, and greatly look forward to testing my fortitude over 20 runs. I’m sure it’ll be far more difficult than I’ve projected, but it’ll also be incredibly fun.

Snowshoe has outlined a bunch of prudent rules around the race, perhaps most interesting that riders must complete the race utilizing one bicycle frame. 

Just 50 solo race entries (men and women), 25 Duo Teams, and 10 Quad Teams will be allowed to enter, so signup quickly or miss this opportunity to punish both bike and body! If the race itself isn’t enough for you, a cash purse of $7,000 might just do it.

I sure hope I can hold it together for 20 laps!