Review: Yeti-SB95

April 2, 2014 Justin Steiner 0

According to Yeti, “SB” stands for “super bike.” Normally this type of marketing claim makes me skeptical, but I was mightily impressed with the SB-66 and its Switch suspension. Given… Read more


Review: Yeti SB-66

October 9, 2013 Justin Steiner 0

By Justin Steiner There’s been much hubbub in recent months about Yeti’s newest flag- ship trail bike, the SB-66. At first glance, it seemed strange that Yeti might keep their… Read more

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Just Riding Along

The 650b fork meets the Yeti SB-66c — a love story

March 25, 2013 Matt Kasprzyk 0

By Matt Kasprzyk

Why mess with a good thing? To make it better, of course. If you agree with the reviews and press; Yeti’s SB-66c is a good thing – if not a great thing. So good that I leapt at the chance for the super-bike to kill my quiver. Yeti has already received several accolades from our staff and many others for their Switch Technology suspension bikes. They must be a good thing, right? So why f’ck with it?

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Interbike 2011: Yeti SB-66 versus SB-95

September 16, 2011 Josh Patterson 0

Yeti unveiled the SB-66 earlier this summer, and now its big-wheeled brother is almost ready for prime time.The SB-95 we rode was a pre-production version. Small changes, like water bottle bosses on the underside of the down tube and routing for a dropper post were absent on this bike but will be included in the production version, which should be available in early 2012.

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Bike Industry News

Yeti’s Chris Conroy on the SB-66

June 9, 2011 Josh Patterson 0

Yeti’s president  discusses the new Switch suspension platform and the new SB-66 all-mountain bike

By Josh Patterson

First off, there were rumors and speculation about a new suspension platform being developed but Yeti did a surprisingly good job of keeping things under wraps. How hard is it to keep something like this a secret in this day and age?

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