Tragedy Leads to Charity

David Mark Clark was arrested and charged with running down four cyclists in San Francisco on June 2nd.  A few people and at least one company in the Bay Area are using this unfortunate event as a springboard to raise funds to help increase awareness for bicycle safety.

Specialized Bicycle Components has pleged $4000 to the Marin County Bicycle Coalition following the arrest of Clark. This amount was doubled by MCBC member and longtime advocacy supporter Rocky Birdsey.

But wait…there’s more!

After the events of that tragic Wednesday night, however, his resulting frustration inspired him to do more, by committing an additional $9000 matching donation offer to keep MCBC working projects that are making Marin streets safer every day.

“I was already considering it before , and I wanted to take the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive,” he said. “More work is needed to complete the North-South pathway system, and we need to make the most out of every opportunity we’re given. I’m really not happy about what happened, but it has bicycle safety and awareness on everybody’s mind, so it’s the best time to do the most good for the MCBC.”

Anyone else interested in having their donation to the Marin County Bicycle Coalition matched have until July 31st, and can do so here:

Donations via PayPal at  or by check, made out to “MCBC” and writing “Rocky Matching Offer” in the subject line. Mail your check to MCBC, P.O. Box 1115, Fairfax, CA 94978.