Trek 2010 Remedy OCLV

There’s nothing like a new bicycle. It sits in its stand, all clean and crisp. At no point in the bike’s life will its components shine like they do when the bike is on display. The newness of the bike is intoxicating. You stand there and fantasize about what it can do and where it’s going to take you. The pure newness of it all is just plain exciting.

Everyone knows that most consumers generally love the progression of bicycle technology almost as much as bicycle companies love feeding into the public’s insatiable appetite for that newness. Even jaded cycling journalists, used to being offered all sorts of Kool-Aid by companies big and small, still tend to get excited with the simple fact that new product is afoot.

We’ve seen some interesting upgrades to all of Trek’s mountain bike line this weekend. The new features we’ve seen promise to build upon, and extend, Trek’s success with their whole line. The suspension has been tweaked to make it feel better and the carbon fiber manufacturing process has been improved to strengthen and lighten-up the frames. And on and on…

The more significant news here in Altaussee, aside from the fact that epic Salzkammergut Trophy mountain bike race was cancelled today mid-race because of snow, rain and wind, is that Trek has brought the carbon goodness of their OCLV to their Remedy line. Thus, the world now has a Trek OCLV all-mountain rig: the Remedy OCLV.

That’s all you’re getting for now, though.

I’ll have more details for you (and the bikes and the rest of the weekend…and my wacky adventure getting here) when I get back and actually have time to sit down and write a little bit. Until then, here’s some more photos from the day, including the new Remedy OCLV, which was announced less than two hours ago…